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    timestamps! warning: very long 0:00 - intro 0:31 - keep your chin up! 0:38 - schlatt’s wonderful adventure with a haunted woman 1:48 - you look like shit! 1:55 - fed’s TV 2:50 - connecting the Wii MotionPlus accesory 3:18 - y’know a lot about holes, huh? 4:16 - they call me the sword man 4:32 - schmeatburger 4:50 - i heard we got new styles 5:05 - oh my god, the baby actually hung himself 5:52 - that just seems like the wrong message, or is it just me? 6:19 - twomad’s bars 6:47 - are you Drunk? 7:04 - 1999? 7:26 - schlatt’s bathroom 8:24 - the guy i pick, i think i look the most like 8:49 - no one’s attacking minx 9:16 - LOOK! THERE’S MY FAVOURITE WHITE BOY! 9:32 - schlatt’s private server 9:57 - twomad VS schlatt rap battle 10:28 - just have fun with it 10:54 - i’m very familiar with Baseball Bats 11:02 - the Queen goes skydiving 11:31 - scarra’s dirty money 12:20 - swagger’s brainrot 14:03 - i’m gonna stick with james 14:35 - james checks chat 14:44 - how to keep a good exercise and sleep schedule with connor 15:10 - underlying health conditions 15:35 - schlagg 15:51 - schlong 16:06 - hot pockets with wilbur and minx 17:11 - minx wants schlatt to shoot the Pope 18:43 - minx’s flower pot 19:05 - schlatt recieves the Rap Mike 20:17 - schlatt becomes a surgeon 20:50 - schlatt becomes a violinist 21:13 - schlatt wrecks alexandra botez at chess 21:50 - it’s him... 22:03 - schlatt’s fucked up table 23:20 - minx gets a call 23:40 - let’s make a monkey! 24:10 - malaysian airlines flight 370 24:36 - ma’am 25:08 - schlatt gay joke #703 25:17 - minx gets trolled with connor 25:58 - charborg smokes crack 26:10 - slimecicle speaks Latin 26:18 - hot pockets with wilbur and minx part 2 26:55 - sebastian asks schlatt to give it a try 27:28 - schlatt goes down the water slides 28:14 - schlatt saving money buying McDonalds 28:45 - bob helps schlatt get the keyboard out of the plastic 28:55 - couples dinner with schlatt and minx 29:50 - waiter connor plays a wonderful tune 30:23 - dinnertime! 30:44 - minx doesn’t like her order 30:57 - minx is teleported to the smiling man dimension 31:00 - twomad’s bars part 3 31:08 - wheaties? 31:35 - schlatt spits a questionable bar 31:40 - relief 32:10 - angry white men (The Champion of Slavoury) 32:54 - Genghis Khan, his Mii, and his Twitter Scandal 33:33 - schlatt is blessed with cheese, with swagger, trave, slimecicle and byze 35:12 - ludwig and schlatt on The Ma Situation 35:49 - schlatt plays M&M Volleyball 36:34 - The Secert Patty Fromla 36:47 - schlatt is now Mr Krabs 36:54 - charborg is determined to apprehend Plankton 37:03 - The Battle Commences 37:10 - where schlatt would take minx on a date to 38:07 - schlatt and quackity become scuffed 38:35 - that time minx lost her ass and tits 39:18 - The Schlakers 39:27 - Bigfoot Schlatt 40:00 - The Game Changer (Relief) 40:12 - hot pockets with wilbur and minx part 3 41:01 - schlatt’s apology to minx 42:58 - any last words..? 43:20 - ludwig, schlatt and King Tutankhamun, the Hindenberg, and the... Egyptians.. 44:17 - schlatt gets held ransom // “he’s coming for me” 45:20 - schlatt performs for a man attempting to drink milk out of a shoe 46:12 - minx has a refreshing pepsi 46:32 - schlatt presses the button with his cigar 46:49 - what makes you compatible with minx // bob-bob // breastfeeding 48:20 - schlatt scouts out the bowling alley 48:35 - Spongebob Schlattpants 48:43 - Worldwide Schlatt 49:09 - crys* 49:48 - schlatt performs a song with sebastian 50:26 - schlatt gets a call 50:42 - minx is in tears 51:24 - kryoz’s talk about why he deserves all the praise 52:02 - Schlatt’s Summer Internship (with great benefits!) 53:19 - hot pockets with wilbur and minx part 4 i think 54:09 - schlatt didn’t pay up // Born to Kill // Freddie Mercury 55:46 - schlatt has to answer the phone 56:06 - schlatt Works the Bag 56:22 - schlatt cooks an American Dish // Mr. Knife 56:51 - schlatt is safe 57:07 - Ladies, Please 57:48 - For Schlatt’s Female Viewers 58:10 - bird man, man bird, titty man, titty titty // Wheels 1:00:03 - schlatt is a black man in PUBG 1:00:50 - slimecicle and swagger are travellers 1:01:39 - Bread // Catch! 1:02:42 - schlatt’s birthday 1:02:50 - schlatt’s body test // Steel Toe 1:03:26 - schlatt has a Gift for minx 1:04:54 - OFFCANNY gets bullied with tomatoes 1:05:19 - schlatt gets taken to the shadow realm, to know his Last Name 1:06:56 - schlatt is a 2012 Lets Play ISbothr // schlatt’s Ex 1:07:11 - minx is dumb 1:07:32 - schlatt becomes a surgeon part 2 with travis (he fails) 1:09:27 - schlatt gets to see what he looks like 1:09:43 - schlatt opens the cases 1:10:02 - quackity wants a hug and Dies 1:10:28 - gary frank joins the battle 1:11:43 - schlatt handles a baby 1:12:38 - schlatt didn’t know that 1:12:46 - schlatt goes Fishing in Wii Bass Pro Shops, and loves it 1:14:13 - schlatt plays Wii Basketball 1:14:59 - schlatt gets owned by monkeys in Wii 1:16:06 - baby yuto is taken 1:16:38 - schlatt does yoga 1:17:53 - schlatt wants the contestants to say something in a New York accent 1:19:30 - schlatt’s relaxation playlist 1:20:27 - schlatt wants his son to be a good fisherman 1:20:46 - schlatt makes Tiger Woods in Wii 1:20:56 - schlatt gets a piggy bank 1:21:28 - what schlatt used to do with Barbie dolls 1:21:47 - schlatt makes The Big Bucks 1:22:03 - kandyland has a question for schlatt 1:22:27 - charborg isn’t Jewish 1:22:55 - schlatt walks along the circumcised trees 1:23:09 - Tear the Lettuce! 1:23:42 - who the contestants would bring to hang out 1:24:31 - she’s a little bitch! 1:25:04 - schlatt’s city is doing amazing with trave 1:25:16 - schlatt plays Frisbee Dog 1:27:06 - schlatt is taught how to march 1:28:42 - schlatt looking like a certain man from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1:30:44 - schlatt is explained significant figures 1:32:00 - schlatt is addicted to nicotine in Bureaucratic Hell 1:32:45 - Vansama has an objection! 1:34:31 - The Birth of Juhg,koop 1:35:10 - schlatt is a fraud, and she knew... 1:35:56 - schlatt can’t break an egg 1:36:22 - “they don’t have my style” 1:36:38 - charborg and schlatt Rap Battle 1:37:10 - schlart recieves his Wii Game 1:37:19 - minx and botez try to woo schlarg 1:40:52 - schlatt sees a note 1:41:24 - it doesn’t get better than this, fellas 1:41:43 - schlatt is delivered coal through a Toll Road 1:42:49 - schlatt recieves the Wi-BOWL 1:43:29 - schlatt builds some leg muscle 1:44:12 - schlatt plays the maracas 1:44:28 - schlatt goes jet skiing (sad) 1:46:24 - Welcome to Muck 1:47:16 - schlatt, slimecicle, charborg and quackity disarm a bomb (they succeed) 1:48:57 - outro

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    @jschlattLIVE ikr

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    The intro is just shlatt shoting something 😅

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    @jschlattLIVE *G L A T T*

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    This guy deserves a reward

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    "You got like a good fifteen sixteen bites" "W o a h"

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    Honestly I think schlatt should play more games with Byze and Kryoz and stuff because they are some funny people with good content combining together to make amazing content

  9. Eli wee woo

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    idk who kryoz is but he sounds like Lightning McQueen

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    I feel like schlatt could get a job as an actor for joker

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    This man is a keyboards nightmare

  12. Blythe Confusion

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    1:49 is amazing

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    ‘you have to hold the tap button to be a rapist’

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    5:17 hanging corpse

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    I almost died when i drank my water it is to funny

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    All of these cilps can come into 3 words: What The Fuck.

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    20:14 bookmark for myself

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    i once made a noose and hung a random cat teddy from outside my window, i feel bad for my neighbours

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    Whenever everyone was showcasing there toilet I wish Jschlatt took a picture of FED and said "This is where shit goes"

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    These clips make me wonder what kind of childhood schlatt had

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    The hot pocket convo is legit one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while

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    the new who's your daddy update is looking good 5:31

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    the amount of tiktok audios i just now found out were from schlatt

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    Don’t give Schlatt a gun he is insane

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    I hate you

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    Twomad sounds like stable Ronaldo

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    among us

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    8:24 game?

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    I love how close he thought he was to completing the meet the medic mode in surgeon simulator when he was actually no where near done

  34. Fionn John Son

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    5:44 Dad crying after he finds his baby killed itself

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    One question Is minx okay?

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    the sound of minx breaking shit has me cackling like a fucking hyena

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    the "why" always gets me

  39. BOBMAN 4900

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    Schlatt asking James if size matters really didn’t age well.

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    How has he not been demonetized 😂

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    34:25 i died XD

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    Just going to leave this here 36:31

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    Baby baby actually hung it self

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    hey wanna collab


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    5:25 is the best

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    what is his outro song?

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    The title song to the legend of zelda ocarina of time

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    Man, this is the hardest try not to laugh challenge ever.

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    1:43:27 the reflection 🤨


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    anyone know the outro song, I hear it all the time just dunno the name

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    Schlatt just more then a fucking smile on my face haha!

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    50% of this was just minx

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    Too bad he didn’t add the WHOLE hot pocket conversation with Wilbur

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    I love how he has emergency keyboards

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    First clip already guns nice 😂

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    24:10 that is definitely not the fucking malaysian airlines I live in malaysia I've been to an airport 😂

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    1:43:28 when you see it

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    25:28 is when you realize that minx isn’t right in the head

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    15:11 "why"

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    6:19 I don't think i've ever laughed at the rap battle game so much

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    Cardboard Desk, Cardboard Houses. USA just knows how to build quality things

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    this is like the best video i every saw

  69. 夜明け- Gameplay, animation, and more

    夜明け- Gameplay, animation, and moreMánuði síðan


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    I will always remember the name, Anderson Cooper.


    DRILLINMánuði síðan

    I think women are funny now, thanks minx

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    Demonitized within 3 seconds as usual

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    19:56 you have to hold the rap button and you become a rapist -Schlat

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    smh my head big guy took so many clips from you

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    Damn 1999 was the year for Schlatt

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    24:46 He found that g spot real quick

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    33:31 what the fuck

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    30:09 that ringing in the background made me think I had tinnitus

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    (12:19) Holy fuck I can't BREATHE! LMAO! I fuckin love Swaggersouls so much XD.

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    17:08 stop you are making mix wet

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    When you insult the Wheaties you get beaties

  84. Sophia Kennett

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    Imagine one day he's in a custody battle with an ex wife and her lawyer finds the clip of him saying he'll beat his son if he's a bad fisherman

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    Does anybody know what game Schlatt is playing at 33:45?

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    What video is at 54:09

  89. Libby Loser1113

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    15:45 what video is this?😂

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    My favorite part is when his reaction when the baby hung itself

  91. Sophia Kennett

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    I would love to see him make a video with paymoneywubby

  92. Mye_1

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    I swear,schlatt and mix say f*ckin’ before almost every single word

  93. Marshall Brenden

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    #sexist rude you said whats up boys when you should have said whats up gamers. is not inclusive enough. blocked

  94. Logan Kittle

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    Minx: having an emotional breakdown Schlatt: *Maniacal Laughter*


    EVIIL DEADMánuði síðan

    what - swaggersouls

  96. Mike Hunt

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    the worst part of 2020 was bob7, he is directly responsible for every major tragedy from 1986 until the present (yes I mean the challenger disaster), try to prove me wrong

  97. Natalie

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    20:40 BOBBBBB (you will only understand me if you watch Eddievr)

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    Oh my go’s that hanging baby was incredible

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    Random question what is the name of the game at 1:25:15


    ACTHEANIMAL26 dögum síðan

    Cities skylines

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    Ngl Schlatt is the funniest person am I right or am I right

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    Wheres the heart attack

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    what I get from watching this is schlatt commited mass murder on 3-5 women in 1999

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    Where's my dayz let's play series?